At any time when viewing live ShapeArray (SAA) data, or when playing back a recorded raw data file, the Cartesian XYZ locations for all of an SAA's joints can also be captured by clicking on the Save text snapshot of SAA data menu item.

Step 1 - Select Snapshot Option and File Location

In SAARecorder, click on the File menu and select the Save text snapshot of SAA data menu item.


Figure 1: The File menu in SAARecorder

In the Save Snapshot of... dialog, select an appropriate option.

  • Current Live Data  - Saves a snapshot of the data you are currently running in SAARecorder. This could be live data or a replay of an existing .rsa file.
  • Select Raw Data Files - This will open the Select one of more raw data files window, where you select one or more .rsa files and click the Open button to continue.


Figure 2: Choosing the source of the snapshot data

In the Export Array Path as Text dialog, choose a location and name for your output file and click the Save button.


Figure 3: Choosing a file name for the output file

Step 2 - Choose Position Format

In the Choose Position Format For window, configure the following output options appropriately and click the OK button to continue.

  • Select Data to Save Button - Choose which columns are to appear in the output text data file. For details about this refer to step 3 in the Exporting Raw Data to a Text File guide. 
  • Base Reference Text File - A base reference text file is optional. It is used for tracking relative displacements instead of actual displacements. Leave this field blank if no reference text file is used. 
  • View Created Text File - This allows you to immediately view output text data in a text editor once the OK button is clicked.
  • Create Graphical Report - View a graphical report of the output Cartesian data 
  • Create Scan Report (.DOC and .PDF file formats) - Once the OK button is clicked, the SAAScanReport application opens. See the Generate Scan Reports from Text Snapshot(s) section in the SAARecorder manual. 
  • Create Scan Report - See the File | Generate Scan Reports from Current Data section of the SAARecorder manual.


Figure 4: Configuring output options

Step 3 - Review the XYZ Summary Graph

Review the XYZ Summary graph. This window displays the saved file location. Close the window by clicking the X button in the top-right corner when done. 

  • XZ Graph Options - Change graph limits and other graph settings for the XZ data graph 
  • YZ Graph Options - Change graph limits and other graph settings for the YZ data graph 
  • Save Polyfit Data - Save polynomial fit data to a text file 
  • Capture Window - Save a screen capture of this window to a bitmap (.bmp) or portable network graphic (.png) file 
  • Print Window - Send a screen capture of this window to a local printer 


Figure 5: The XYZ Summary window