SAACR_cart2cart is used to concatenate, in time, multiple files of converted ShapeArray (SAA) Cartesian (x, y, z) data so they can be viewed or exported as one single file. The Cartesian files will have been converted from raw data files by SAACR_raw2data and must be of type multi_saa_allcart.mat. To concatenate non-ShapeArray files use SAACR_cart2cart_matchup.

Step 1 - Start SAACR_cart2cart

In SAASuite, under the SAACR Utilities tab, start SAACR_cart2cart.

Figure 1: The SAACR_Utilities tab in SAASuite

Step 2 - Select Files

Click the first Browse button on the top right of the SAACR_cart2cart window.


Figure 2: The SAACR_cart2cart window

Select your first multi_saa_allcart.mat file and click the Open button.


Figure 3: Selecting a Cartesian data file

Repeat this step for the next file under the first. Any number of files may be selected (up to the number of available lines). 

Step 3 - Concatenate Files

When all files are selected, click the Concatenate button in the bottom right corner of the window.


Figure 4: The Concatenate button in SAACR_cart2cart

Select a location and filename for the resulting data file and click the Save button.


Figure 5: Select location and file name for saving the resulting .mat file

Some important considerations for concatenating Cartesian data files are as follows:

  • Concatenated files can be further concatenated any number of times which is done for larger number of files
  • Files do not need to be in order as the utility will sort the times
  • The resulting multi_saa_concat.mat file will have to be renamed to multi_saa_allcart.mat so the application will treat it properly.

A prompt to name a text file containing an ASCII version of the concatenated *.mat file will appear. Select a location and file name for the file and click the Save button.


Figure 6:  Select location and file name for saving the resulting .txt file

The files will have the default format used during conversions with SAACR_raw2data. Use SAAView to view the newly concatenated file by selecting the CR_Logger option and selecting the concatenated file.