The SAA Field Power Unit (SAAFPU) comes equipped with a wireless cable replacement feature for use when a connection to a PC is inconvenient. Only the male 9-pin connector is required for use with an Android device to set up a Bluetooth connection. 


Step 1 - Configure the SAAFPU

Connect the ShapeArray (SAA) to the SAAFPU with either the 4-pin circular connector (Amphenol connector) or the 5-pin terminal block connector (Phoenix connector). 

Note: Only one ShapeArray can be connected to the SAAFPU at one time 

Figure 1: An SAAFPU - (A) Amphenol connector interface diagram, (B) Phoenix connector interface, (C) Battery indicator, and (D) Auxiliary 12 V Battery connector

Plug the wireless module with the male 9-pin connector (labeled B in the figure below) into the female 9-pin connector of the SAAFPU (labeled C in the figure below).

Figure 2. The female 9-pin serial connector (C) inside the SAAFPU enclosure facilitates the wired (A) or wireless (B) connection to a computer

Step 2 - Setup the Wireless Connection

To connect the SAAFPU wirelessly to an Android device, you must ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the Android device and SAADroid is installed on it. Scan and pair for ‘FireFly-####’ or 'SAAFPU-####' and enter PIN ‘1234’. Open SAADroid on the Android device. 

Note: The communication range of the wireless pair is short. The PC should remain close to the SAAFPU to ensure good communication.

For instructions on how to use SAADroid, please refer to the SAADroid manual.

Step 3 - Connect to the ShapeArray in SAADroid

In SAADroid, under the Setup tab, manually enter the ShapeArray serial number. Alternatively, you can click the Auto Find button to automatically locate the ShapeArray. Once the ShapeArray is located, click the Connect button. Once the green check-mark is visible beside the Connect button, SAADroid is connected live to the ShapeArray. 


Figure 3: The Setup tab in SAADroid before (left) and after connecting to a ShapeArray (right)