Measurand's SAAV Casing Cap includes two interchangeable collars designed to fit the most common sizes of inclinometer casings (70 mm and 85 mm). This guide will walk you through how to swap the collars.

Figure 1: A disassembled SAAV Casing Cap: (A) collars, (B) weather-resistant enclosure, (C) extension tube anchor and bolt, (D) bottom plate, and (E) various screws required for assembly

Step 1 - Remove the Cap from the Weather-Resistant Enclosure

Remove the screws from each corner of the weather-resistant enclosure and remove the cap from the enclosure.

Figure 2: Remove the four screws in the top of the weather-resistant enclosure

Step 2 - Remove Screws Inside the Weather-Resistant Enclosure

Remove the collar from the weather-resistant enclosure by removing the four screws from inside the enclosure. 

NOTE: Removing these screws will also release the steel plate inside the enclosure.

Figure 3: Remove the four screws from the interior of the weather-resistant enclosure to release the collar

Step 3 - Swap Collar and Secure with Screws

Replace the collar with the other collar included in the SAAV Casing Cap. Align the screw holes in the collar to the holes in the weather-resistant enclosure. Place the steel plate in the weather-resistant enclosure in the end opposite of the cable gland with the center hole in the plate facing the center of the enclosure. Align the holes in the steel plate with the holes in the enclosure and the collar. Secure the collar and steel plate to the weather-resistant enclosure with the four screws removed in step 2. 

NOTE: Ensure the screws secure the steel plate inside the enclosure as well as the collar.

Figure 4: Align the holes in the steel plate, the weather-resistant enclosure, and the new collar and screw them together