When using a Campbell Scientific data logger to collect data from ShapeArrays (SAAs), it is necessary to use Campbell Scientific software to program the data logger and perform data collection. Campbell Scientific provides PC400 software for free for basic interactions with the data logger. You can acquire PC400 directly from Campbell Scientific's web site at the following URL:


NOTE: The instructions below show screenshots from the PC200W software which has been replaced with PC400. The instructions apply equally to both PC200W and PC400. Campbell Scientific's LoggerNet can also be used for this purpose. If you are using LoggerNet please follow the guides located here.  

It is critical that the data files generated by the Campbell Scientific data logger are effectively managed. The output folders for data logger data files are specified under the Collect Data tab in the PC400 main application window. By default, the data is stored in the C:\Campbellsci\PC400 directory. It is suggested that the output folder location be changed from this default location to another folder prior to collecting data. It is generally easiest to create a data folder in the C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D\logger_files\ directory to facilitate automated data conversions later on.

Step 1 - Connect to your Data Logger

In the PC400 main application window, select your data logger from the list on the left side of the page and click the Connect button.

Figure 1: The PC400 main application window

Step 2 - Configure Output File Names for Data Files 

Once you are connected to your data logger, click on the Collect Data tab in the center area of the main application window.

Figure 2: The Collect Data tab in the PC400 main application window

For each ShapeArray-specific table listed, ensure the checkbox next to the table is selected. This should be done for the following tables:

  • SAA1_DATA (there could be multiple SAA#_DATA tables listed if the logger is monitoring multiple ShapeArrays)

Select each table in the list and click on the Change Table's Output File button. In the resulting dialog, navigate to a new folder where you wish to store the project files. Measurand recommends leaving the file names unchanged. Repeat this for each of the tables listed above.

NOTE: ShapeArray project files must be saved to their own unique project folders. You should never save project files from multiple separate data loggers in the same folder. Measurand recommends creating unique project folders in the C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D\logger_files folder.

Figure 3: Choosing a new folder to save the ShapeArray project files

Step 2 - Configure Data Collection Options

In the What to Collect section of the Collect Data tab, select one of the options provided to configure how data files will be treated on subsequent data collections.

  • New data from datalogger (Append to data files): If the data files already exist, then new data from the data logger will be appended to them. Otherwise, new data files will be created with the data collected from the logger. Measurand recommends using this option.
  • All data from the datalogger (Overwrite data files): New data files are created each time data is collected from the data logger. If data files already exist, then they will be overwritten. Measurand recommends against using this option unless a strong data management plan is in place to ensure data collected from the logger is not lost.