In some situations it is helpful to view raw ShapeArray data collected from a Campbell Scientific data logger in SAARecorder. Doing this allows you to use bend radius diagnostic and check total accelerations without having to convert the data with Raw2Data and view it in SAAView. The Dat2Rsa command line utility is installed with SAARecorder and can be used to convert logger .DAT files into SAARecorder .RSA files. Executing the Dat2Rsa.exe utility from the command line without any parameters provides the following usage output.

Dat2Rsa <SAARecorder Folder Name> [-L|-FL] <DAT Filename_1> <DAT Filename_2>...   ... <DAT Filename_N>
        optional -L flag is used for converting just the last sample only to .RSA file(s).
        optional -FL flag is used for converting just the first and last samples only to .RSA file(s).
Dat2Rsa <SAARecorder Folder Name> [-s N1 N2] <Data DAT Filename>
        swaps data and header for two octets (N1 and N2) of a model 1 or 2 SAAF and SAAScan.

The following steps can be taken to convert a logger .DAT file into an SAARecorder .RSA file.

Step 1 - Open a Command Prompt

Hold down the Windows key and hit 'R' on the keyboard to open the Run dialog. Type in CMD and hit enter (or click the OK button) to open a command prompt window. Change the working directory to the SAARecorder folder by executing the following series of commands at the prompt.

cd c:\Measurand Inc\SAARecorder

Step 2 - Run Dat2Rsa

Run the Dat2Rsa program from the command line by providing the full path to the SAARecorder folder in double-quotes followed by the full path to the .DAT file in double-quotes. The following example code would convert the logger SAA1_DATA.dat file in the c:\tmp folder into a .RSA file in the same folder.

dat2rsa.exe "c:\Measurand Inc\SAARecorder" "c:\tmp\SAA1_DATA.dat"