In some situations it is desirable to have SAARecorder startup and connect to specified ShapeArrays without requiring human interaction. This is commonly required when setting automation with SAARecorder for high frequency data collection or in situations where a Windows computer is being used to log ShapeArray data.

Step 1 - Manually Setup the ShapeArray Recording Settings

Before SAARecorder can be started in silent mode, human interaction is required to initially configure the ShapeArrays to be monitored. You must connect to the computer to ShapeArrays via an SAA232 or SAA232-5 interface and setup your desired settings for auto-saving raw data files (Option 3). Once these settings have been configured, close the SAARecorder window.

Step 2 - Start SAARecorder from the Command LineĀ 

After SAARecorder has been manually setup, you can now launch it from the command line with the -s option and the ShapeArray serial numbers to have it automatically startup, connect to, and record data from the specified ShapeArrays. For example, if ShapeArray 60608 were used in the manual setup described in step 1, then the following command line call could be used to launch SAARecorder and have it automatically record data from it.

SAARecorder.exe -s 60608

If SAARecorder was connected to multiple ShapeArrays during the manual setup, you must specify the -s option and each serial number multiple times. For example, for ShapeArrays 60608 and 60602, the following command line would be used.

SAARecorder.exe -s 60608 -s 60602