In some cases, Measurand will release a beta version of an SAASuite application to address a problem to which there is no easy workaround. These beta versions are issued on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that the software has not completed our full suite of quality assurance tests. To access a beta version of the software, you must use a special beta code that is issued by Measurand Support.

Step 1 - Launch SAASuite

Launch SAASuite and, from the Advanced menu, select the Download Beta option.

Figure 1: Beta software is accessed from the Advanced menu

Step 2 - Enter Beta Code and Email Address

In the Beta Version dialog, enter the beta code provided by Measurand Support and your Email address into the appropriate fields. Please note that the beta code is case sensitive and any punctuation, such as hyphens, in the code must also be entered. 

Figure 2: To download the beta software, you must enter a beta code and your email address

Once you have entered in your code and email address, select Download & Execute radio button and then the Download button to download and install beta software.

NOTE - Once the installer for the beta has finished downloading it will launch automatically. At this point, it is a good idea to close all other Measurand software windows.

In some cases, Measurand will distribute other software, such as our APIs, via SAASuite's download beta functionality. In this case, there may be multiple files for download that are not directly executable. In this case, you should select the Download & Save radio button and then the Browse button to select a location to save the files.