Measurand's SAARecorder application is intended for manual use via interaction with the program graphical user interface. There are, however, a few command line options available to automate some of its functionality. These options are described in more detail below.

-s <serialnumber> → Starts SAARecorder in Silent Mode. This tells SAARecorder to collect data from the ShapeArray with serial number “serialnumber” with whatever serial port, averaging, and mode settings were used during the last SAARecorder session with that ShapeArray. This command flag can also be used multiple times. For example, to start SAARecorder and connect to 3 ShapeArrays with serial numbers: 201000, 201020, and 201040, use: SAARecorder -s 201000 -s 201020 -s 201040. 

-ref <near | far> → This command line option can be used to set the reference mode for any connected ShapeArrays to be near or far. Ex: “SAARecorder -ref near” starts up SAARecorder with all ShapeArrays referenced to the near (cable) end.

-open <rawdatafilename.rsa> → This option can be used to open a raw data filename from the command line. The raw data file begins playing back as soon as it is opened. 

-crs <rawdatafilename.rsa> → This option converts a raw data file into a text snapshot file and then exits SAARecorder once complete. Last known settings for averaging, mode, and reference end are assumed.