Measurand ShapeArrays with serials numbers greater than 350000 support a low power mode for use with various low power wireless logging systems such as RST's DT ShapeArray. The power mode of a ShapeArray can toggled between regular power mode and low power mode using the SAARecorder application which is included Measurand's SAASuite.

WARNING: Measurand ShapeArrays should only be placed in low power mode if they are being used with a supported low power wireless logger system. A ShapeArray in low power mode uses different communication protocols to a regular mode ShapeArray. Please contact Measurand for more information on whether your logging system is compatible with low power mode communication.

Step 1 - Connect to the ShapeArray with SAARecorder

Physically connect the ShapeArray to the computer and complete the connection with SAARecorder as described in one of the following step-by-step guides:

NOTE: ShapeArray power mode can only be modified using an SAAFPU model 004 R.4B or newer or an SAA232 model 002 R.2B or newer. The model and revision of your interface can be found on the serial number sticker on each device.

Step 2 - Change the Low Power Mode Setting

Once you have successfully connected to the ShapeArray, open the SAA setup menu and select the Low Power Mode menu item. This will open the Low Power Mode dialog box listing the connected ShapeArray's serial number and whether low power mode is Enabled or Disabled. Click the Change button to toggle the ShapeArray from regular mode to low power mode or vice versa.

Figure 1: Change power modes through the SAA setup -> Low Power Mode menu item