The Portable Diagnostic Unit (PDU) is a compact power and communication device designed to quickly test and verify ShapeArray installations prior to configuration for automated data collection. An Android device, such as a tablet or phone, can be used to wirelessly connect to the PDU.

Step 1 - Configure the PDU

To connect an Android Device running SAADroid to the PDU, ensure that the PDU is turned on.

Step 2 - Setup the Wireless Connection

Ensure that Bluetooth communications is enabled on the Android device. 

In the Bluetooth settings of the Android device, tap on the 'Pair new device' option. The PDU will be listed as PDU-####, where #### is an alphanumeric identifier. Tap the PDU-#### option, and tap the 'Connect' button.

Figure 1: Pairing the Android device with the PDU via Bluetooth


Step 3 - Connect to the ShapeArray in SAADroid

Once the Android device is paired with the PDU, the SAADroid app can be used to communicate with the ShapeArray.