Once an extension has been added to an SAAV Extend base array and a new calibration file and site file has been generated, a new program will need to be generated with the File Generator program for collecting data with a Campbell Scientific data logger.

Begin by opening the previously generated program with the Open button. This will pre-populate many of the fields in the File Generator interface.

Update the Project Title, Preliminary Samples, and Reading Interval fields if desired. Click on the Add SAAV Extend button and then the Browse button. Navigate to and select the site file created with SAARecorder to define the base array and any attached extensions and click on the OK button.

Figure 1. Generate a new program by specifying the newly created site file

This will automatically update the serial number of the SAAV Extend array in the project with the serial number of the new topmost segment in the extended array based on the order specified in the site file. 

Click on the Generate button and select a location and filename for the new program before clicking the Save button.

Upload the new program to your data logger to record data from the newly extended ShapeArray.