SAAF ShapeArrays are delivered on a reel, with dots on the SAAF facing out from the reel. This is assurance that the ShapeArray is properly reeled and will be free of twist. If a reel stand is used and the ShapeArray is unreeled directly from the reel into its conduit while being allowed to rotate within the conduit freely, it will not be twisted in the conduit.

Symptoms of Rotation

Usually the first clue to a rotation problem is that the deformation looks like an overall increase in tilt in Y or X (could be both), often growing with time, over all or a large range of elevations.

Please read the ‘Symptoms’ section from ‘Effects of Rotation of a Non-Horizontal ShapeArray within its Conduit’ for more information.

To read about diagnosing rotation in SAAView, please refer to Diagnosing Rotation in ShapeArray Data using ShapeArray™ Viewer.

How to Prevent Rotation 

Please read the ‘Prevention of Rotation’ section from ‘ShapeArray Principles’, also read about ‘ShapeArray Life-Extension’.