The Filtered View of ShapeArray™ Viewer (formerly known as SAAView) is available to reduce the number of samples being processed and increase the speed and responsiveness of the software. When used with an appropriate averaging depth and skip filter, it can clean up the output deformation data by reducing random noise. In general, it is not advisable to use the filtered view if either:

  1. There are only a limited number of data samples (less than 100) or
  2. There are abrupt changes in deformation that should be preserved.

The initial PREVIEW window of ShapeArray™ Viewer describes how many frames of data are being graphed near the top of the window, and a quick glance at the preview graphs (left side graphs are unfiltered, right side graphs are filtered) is usually sufficient to determine whether or not the current filtering parameters (averaging depth and skip interval) are suitable for reducing noise and preserving the basic detail of the unfiltered data.

For details on setting filtering parameters, please see the ‘FilterSAA Button’.