Disconnect the ShapeArray (SAA) cable from the interface and use an ohmmeter to check the cable for shorts or opens. Typical ShapeArray cable resistance values are given in the table below. The pin numbering convention for the 4-pin circular connector is also shown in the table below.

Figure 1: Disconnect the cabling from any interfaces to measure the resistances between wire pairs - (A) Phoenix connector and (B) Amphenol connector

Table 1. Typical SAA Cable Resistance Values

Wire Pairing
Pin Pairing on 4-Pin Circular Connector
Resistance (kΩ)
Black to White
Ground to 1
1 - 20
Black to Blue
Ground to 2
1 - 20
Black to Red
Ground to 3
1 - 20
Black to Shield
Not Applicable
< 0.1

ShapeArrays include semiconductors not resistors, different ohmmeters can give different results, it is important that they are not under 50 Ω (except for black to shield), which indicates a short, or over 20 kΩ, which indicates an open. Though, if you get the same value for any two readings this can indicate a short between the two pins. The resistance between them should then be checked to rule out a short.

If a failure is found with the 4-pin round connector, inspect the wiring inside the connector to make sure that no wires have been broken.