The Search for serial SAAs option in the Communications menu is available if SAARecorder is open but not connected to any ShapeArray (SAAs). Choosing this menu item will start the connection process for ShapeArrays. This connection process also occurs if the Just start SAARecorder option is selected when SAARecorder is first launched.

In SAASuite 3.0 or higher, the SAARecorder application is launched by clicking the Manual Data Collection button.

Figure 1: Launch SAARecorder from SAASuite by clicking the Manual Data Collection button

Step 1 - Start SAARecorder

The ShapeAccelArray Startup window is displayed when the Search for serial SAAs option in the Communications menu is selected or the Just start SAARecorder option is selected when SAARecorder is first launched. Multiple options can be selected in this window as described below. Click the Use Serial SAAs button to continue.

  • Voltage / Current Check - This brings up a window prompting you to select a serial COM port for communications with the ShapeArray and an SAA232-5 channel, if an SAA232-5 is in use. A window then appears displaying voltage, current, and temperature data from the top segment of the ShapeArray (explained in the Voltage Current Check section in the SAARecorder manual). 
  • Open Raw Data File - This opens a previously recorded raw data (.rsa) file for viewing in SAARecorder.
  • Use Serial SAAs - This is used to connect to one or more ShapeArrays through a serial communication link.
  • Using Serial-to-Ethernet Device - Ensure this option is checked if using a serial to Ethernet (or Wireless Ethernet) converter, such as Lantronix, WiBox or an RF4XX wireless serial modem. An additional Timeout field appears allowing you to enter a value for the added comms delay (default value of 500 ms will work for most wireless installations). 
  • Use Last SAA Configuration - Click this button if the same ShapeArrays are about to be used in the current SAARecorder session that were used in the previous SAARecorder session.
  • Using SAA232-5 Device(s) - Should be checked if the ShapeArrays are connected to one or more SAA232-5 devices.
  • Use Network SAAs - Should only be clicked if an older ShapeArray system is being used with an Ethernet data concentrator.


Figure 2: ShapeAccelArray Startup window

Step 2 - Choose Serial Ports

In the Choose Serial Port(s) window choose a serial port to connect to and click the OK button to continue.


Figure 3: Selecting the serial port to connect to

Step 3 - Specify Serial Numbers

In the SAA Serial Numbers to Search dialog, enter the serial number for the ShapeArray to be recorded in the Add SAA Number to Search List field, and click the Add button. Once you have entered the serial numbers for all ShapeArrays to be searched for, click the OKbutton.


Figure 4: Adding SAA serial numbers to the search list

Step 4 - Configure Basic Settings

If the ShapeArray is found, the Basic Settings dialog will be presented. Make the appropriate configurations and click the OK button. For information on these settings go to SAA Setup section of the SAARecorder manual.


Figure 5: The Basic Settings dialog

Step 5 - Optional, Troubleshoot Missing ShapeArray

If the SAA is not found, the Troubleshooting dialog will be displayed. All troubleshooting questions in the Troubleshooting dialog have a more… link that opens a window giving more information on how to answer the questions. You may also try reviewing the Software FAQs.


Figure 6: Troubleshooting directions when the SAA is not found