It is critical that the data files generated by the Campbell Scientific data logger are effectively managed. The output folders for data logger data files are specified under the Data Files tab in the LoggerNet Setup utility. By default, the data is stored in the ‘C:\CampbellSci\LoggerNet’ directory and given a name of DataloggerName_TableName_#.dat.

It is suggested that the output folder location be changed from this default location to another folder prior to collecting data. It is generally easiest to create a data folder in the ‘C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D\logger_files\’ directory to facilitate automated data conversions later on.

Step 1 - Configure Output File Names for Data Files

In the LoggerNet Main menu, click the Setup option.

Figure 1: The LoggerNet Main menu

In the Setup Screen - EZ (Simplified) View window, select the data logger project from the left section of the screen and click the Edit button. Alternatively, you can double-click on the project to open it. 

Figure 2: The Setup Screen - EZ (Simplified) View window

In the EZSetup Wizard's Progress section, click the Data Files page. Change the path and filenames in the Output File Name location field. It is important that you do not change the output table name. Only change the folder location. Measurand recommends that project files be saved to the C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D\logger_files\[ProjectName]\ folder.

Figure 3: The EZSetup Wizard's Data Files page

For example, for the LOGGER_DIAGNOSTICS table, change the Output File Name to the following:

C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D\logger_files\[ProjectName]\[ProjectName]_LOGGER_DIAGNOSTICS.dat

Repeat this for all tables listed in the Tables section (LOGGER_DIAGNOSTICS, PROJECT_INFO, SAA_DIAGNOSTICS, SAA#_DATA, and SERIAL_ERRORS).

Step 2 - Configure Data File Options

Set the Data File Option to Append to File. The data logger keeps track of the last record that was successfully sent to the destination folder. If the output file already exists, then the new data will be appended to the end of the file. If the file does not exist or has been moved elsewhere, a new file will be created with all records that have not yet been recorded.

Note: Measurand recommends that the Output Format for data files be left at the default ASCII Table Data, Long Header (TOA5).

Before a new project begins, any data logger data files residing in the output file directory should be removed. Otherwise, data from the new project may get concatenated to the existing data file, causing abnormalities in the results.

For more information, please refer to the Collecting Data from the CS Data Logger section of the LoggerNet manual.