Automated data conversion requires a "pref_project.txt" file in the project folder. This file is created automatically when data conversion is done manually in Reset mode using Raw2Data. Instructions for performing manual conversions are available in the SAACR_raw2data How-To Guide. You can also refer to the Automating Conversions section of the Raw2Data manual.

Once the "pref_project.txt" file has been generated, it is possible to set up the PC to automatically convert the data into a format viewable in SAAView. This is accomplished using the LoggerNet Task Master utility to run a batch file call to the Raw2Data program when data is collected.

Step 1 - Create a Batch File that Calls Raw2Data

Due to a bug in how LoggerNet's Task Master starts command line applications, a batch file must be created that calls Raw2Data for processing. The batch file should contain commands for changing the working directory first to the C: drive, then to the C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D folder, and finally for calling Raw2Data with the full path to the pref_project.txt file for the project and the stealth keyword. The set of commands presented below can be used to create this batch file. Please note the double quotes are required in the command syntax.

@echo off
cd "\Measurand Inc\SAA3D"

::Make the call to process the data. 
::The stealth option keeps the GUI from appearing, this improves speed.
call SAACR_Raw2Data.exe "<full path to the project folder>\pref_project.txt" stealth

::Get the exit code from the process.
set taskexitcode=%errorlevel%

::Tell the user about the exit code.
echo The exit code from Raw2Data %taskexitcode%

When the batch file has been created, save it to a location where Task Master will have permission to read and execute it from. Good locations include the C:\Measurand Inc folder or the project folder containing your raw data files from the data logger.

Step 2 - Open LoggerNet's Task Master and Add a Task

From LoggerNet's Main menu, click the Task Master option.

Figure 1: The Main menu in LoggerNet

Click on the data logger of interest in the Tasks section of the window. Click the Add After button.

Figure 2: Task Master after the logger has been selected and the Add After button clicked

On the How Task_n Starts tab, in the Station Event Type drop down menu, select the After Successful Call option.

Step 3 - Configure the Task

Click the What Task_n Does tab. On the Execute File tab, select the Execute File checkbox. Configure the File Name and Start In options with the following settings.

  • File Name: The full path to the batch file created in step 1.
    • e.g. C:\Measurand Inc\call_raw2data.bat
  • Start in: C:\Measurand Inc\SAA3D

Figure 3: The What Task_1 Does tab in Task Master

To have the conversion execute in the background, select the Run Minimized checkbox. Click the Apply button to save the configuration.

Step 4 - Check Status

Go to the Status tab. Verify that the Pause All Tasks checkbox is unchecked.

Figure 4: The Status tab in Task Master

SAACR_raw2data utility will run upon successful completion of a scheduled data download. If any of the files required by SAACR_raw2data are open while the program is being executed an error message will be generated. Data which has already been automatically converted can be viewed at any point by running SAAView.