Often when you are using SAARecorder to take readings from an SAAScan, some number of segments will remain on the reel outside of the borehole. When generating borehole scan reports, or simply viewing live absolute shape data for the instrument, you will want to disable these unused segments. 

Figure 1: An example of a ShapeArray with segments still on the reel outside of the borehole as it is displayed in SAARecorder

NOTE: This guide assumes you have properly connected your computer to an SAAScan. More information on how to connect to a ShapeArray is available in the following guides.

Step 1 - Open Advanced Settings

Once you have started SAARecorder and connected to an SAAScan, you need to open the advanced settings. From the SAA setup menu, open the Advanced option, and select the Turn on / off section of SAA option. This will open the Turn On / Off Sections for SAA dialog box.

Figure 2: The Advanced settings menu in SAARecorder

Step 2 - Select the Range of Active Segments

From the Turn On / Off Sections for SAA dialog box, select a range of segments from which you wish data readings to be returned. Segments outside of the specified range will be disabled. The range is specified by selecting numbered segments from the Near End and Far End dropdown lists. ShapeArray segments are numbered starting from 1 at the near end (cable end) of the instrument.

Figure 3: Select the range of active segments with the Near End and Far End dropdown lists

Once you have configured the desired range of active segments, click the OK button to save and apply the setting.