When using a Campbell Scientific data logger to collect data from ShapeArrays (SAAs), it is necessary to use Campbell Scientific software to program the data logger and perform data collection. Campbell Scientific provides PC400 software for free for basic interactions with the data logger. You can acquire PC400 directly from Campbell Scientific's web site at the following URL:


NOTE: The instructions below show screenshots from the PC200W software which has been replaced with PC400. The instructions apply equally to both PC200W and PC400. Campbell Scientific's LoggerNet can also be used for this purpose. If you are using LoggerNet please follow the guides located here.  

When the logger program to collect ShapeArray data is uploaded to a Campbell Scientific CR series data logger and started, a number of preliminary samples will be taken right away. Measurand recommends collecting these data samples immediately and reviewing the raw data files from the logger to ensure that everything is working as expected. This can be accomplished Campbell Scientific's PC400. This guide will describe how to collect data using PC400.

NOTE: Before you can collect data from the logger, you must configure the logger, generate a program, upload it to the logger, and configure file paths for collection as described in the following support articles:

  1. SAACR_FileGenerator How-To Guide
  2. Setting up the Logger
  3. Campbell Scientific Data Logger Data File Management

Step 1 - Connect to your Data Logger

In the PC400 main application window, select your data logger from the list on the left side of the page and click the Connect button.

Figure 1: The PC400 main application window

WARNING: Configurations are not tied to a specific data logger. They can be used to connect to any data logger of the same type as the configuration. For example, a station configuration to connect to a CR300 data logger can be used to connect to any CR300. This means that data from one data logger can mistakenly be appended to data from another data logger of the same type. If you have multiple data loggers of the same type, you must ensure you are using the proper station configuration to collect raw data from each logger.

Step 2 - Collect Project Files from the Logger 

Once you are connected to your data logger, click on the Collect Data tab in the center area of the main application window.

Figure 2: The Collect Data tab in the PC400 main application window

Click the Start Data Collection button. A progress bar will display the progress of data collection from the logger to your computer.

Figure 3: Data collection progress bar

When the data transfer between the logger and your computer is complete, the Data Collection Results dialog will provide a summary of the operation.

Figure 4: The Data Collection Results diaog summarizes the results of the collection operation

Step 3 - Examine the Raw Data Files

After you have collected the data from the data logger, you should examine the raw data files. You can find detailed information about the structure and contents of the data logger project files the Data Logger Project Files for ShapeArray guide.