During data analysis, it may be advantageous to exclude a portion of your data set to account for additional settlement of the instrument or other factors.

Measurand recommends fully backing up your data before attempting to re-baseline. Once your data has been backed up, follow the steps listed below to re-baseline your data set:

NOTE: The instructions below apply to data files collected with a Campbell Scientific data logger.

Step 1 - Launch SAACR_DataChecker

Open SAASuite and click on the "SAACR_Utilities" tab. Then open SAACR_DataChecker.

Figure 1: SAACR_DataChecker is available through the SAACR_Utilities tab in SAASuite

Step 2 - Open Data Files

Click on the "Open Data File(s)" button, navigate to your SAA#_DATA.dat file and open it.

Figure 2: SAACR_DataChecker main window

Step 3 - Exclude Data to be Removed

Click on the "Filter" button, followed by the "Select Data" button. 

Figure 3: Filter Data window

Then select the third option, "Choose Range of Data to Exclude" and select the date range you would like to remove.

Figure 4: Choose Data Method window

Step 4 - Perform a "Reset" Conversion

Run a "Reset" conversion in SAACR_raw2data, and then use SAAView to open the multi_saa_allcart.mat file that was created. For more information on how to perform a "Reset" conversion, refer to the following article: https://support.measurand.com/support/solutions/articles/19000029999-saacr-raw2data-how-to-guide