ShapeArrays monitored through the sensemetrics platform can easily be shared with Measurand Support to facilitate support for the instruments. The following steps can be taken to share your ShapeArray data with Measurand.

NOTE: You cannot add the account to your sensemetrics organization. This account is already part of our own organization within the sensemetrics platform. 

Step 1 - Ensure Your sensemetrics Organization is Configured for Cross-Organization Sharing

If your organization settings are private, then you can add the measurand organization to your Cross-Organization Sharing settings as described in the following article from sensemetrics support web site.

Step 2 - Share the ShapeArray With measurand_support

Once you have enabled sharing with the measurand organization, you must then share the ShapeArray in question with us using the instructions in the following article. You can share with us by specifying our username (measurand_support) or email address (

Should you encounter issues trying to share a ShapeArray with us, then we recommend contacting sensemetrics support for more detailed assistance with the sharing configuration.