Measurand’s SAAV Extend is a unique type of SAAV that can be lengthened in the field by adding segments to the top of a base array as required to extend the sensorized length. This primarily facilitates monitoring dams and other structures that will be raised or extended repeatedly over the lifetime of the monitoring program.

Due to the unique extendable nature of the SAAV Extend, the collection and conversion of raw readings is slightly different from traditional Measurand ShapeArray™ instruments. In general, a base SAAV extend is installed and monitored in the same manner as a regular SAAV. As each new sensorized extension is added to the base array, it is treated as a new separate instrument for the purpose of monitoring and recording data. However, displacement observed at each stage of extension can be added to the current displacement results as an offset to provide an accurate historical picture of the instrument’s movement throughout the installation. 

The following set of steps outlines the general process for collecting and converting SAAV Extend data. Each of these steps is described in more detail below.

Figure 1. SAAV Extend process

  1. Install base array. (This is done the same as any regular vertical SAAV; however, care must be taken measuring the casing stickup)
  2. Create logger program. (This is done the same as any regular vertical SAAV)  
  3. Collect and convert data. (This is done the same as any regular vertical SAAV) 
  4. Add extension to the base array.
  5. Generate new calibration files.
  6. Generate new logger program.
  7. Collect and convert data.
  8. Visualize SAAV Extend data in the ShapeArray™ Viewer