If one or more ShapeArray™ (SAA) segments are damaged and not giving reliable data, it is often still possible to view data for the rest of the ShapeArray™ by "Straightening" (sometimes referred to as "slaving") the damaged segments. When a segment is straightened, Raw2Data will ignore any raw values recorded in the raw data file for that segment and instead uses the raw values for the adjacent un-slaved segment that is closest to the reference end. This is effectively assuming that the straightened segment has the exact same tilt and is moving in the exact same way as the adjacent working segment.

WARNING: Engineering judgement is required when straightening segments. If the segment is within a zone of movement, the assumptions required for straightening a segment may not be valid or safe!

To straighten a segment with the SAARecorder software, you must physically connect the ShapeArray to the computer running SAARecorder as described in the following step-by-step guides:

Once connected to the ShapeArray™ with the SAARecorder application, you straighten a segment by selecting the SAA Setup -> Advanced -> Straighten section of SAA menu option.

Figure 1. The option for straightening segments is in the Advanced section of the SAA Setup menu

In the Straighten SAA Sections dialog, enter the segments to straighten based on their segment number. If multiple segments are to be straightened, separate their numbers with commas. Segments are numbered starting from 1 at the cable end of the ShapeArray™.

Figure 2. Enter the segment numbers to be straightened separated by commas