After SAASuite is installed, you need to use it to download the calibrations files for your ShapeArrays. The process for doing this will vary based on the version of SAASuite you have installed. Common troubleshooting tips for downloading calibration files are also discussed below. 

For SAASuite version 3.0 and higher

 Start SAASuite by double-clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or the SAASuite.exe file in the installation folder.

Figure 1: First launch of SAASuite - Click OK to close dialog and then click Get Calibration Files

Click the Get Calibration Files menu option, as shown in the figure above. This will open the Calibration Files window, as shown in the figure below. In this window, enter the serial number for your ShapeArray into the Serial Number field and click on the Get button. Repeat this for each ShapeArray you will be working with in the software. Alternatively, click on the Get All Calibration Files button to download and install calibration files for all ShapeArrays. 

Figure 2: Enter a serial number and click the Get button or click the Get all Calibration Files button

After the applications and calibration files have been downloaded and installed, you can close the Calibration Files window by clicking the Close button. 

For SAASuite versions prior to 3.0


Start SAASuite by double-clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or the SAASuite.exe file in the installation folder. Click on the Get Software/Calibration Files button at the bottom of the Main Applications tab. 

Figure 3: Click on the Get Software / Calibration Files button

Once in the Software/Calibration Files window (the figure below), click on the Download and Install button next to Calibration Files.

Figure 4: The Software/Calibration Files window

Dealing with Errors When Downloading Calibration Files

Errors when trying to download calibration files through SAASuite are typically caused when the software in unable to properly communicate with our FTP service provider to download the files. By default, the SAASuite software uses passive FTP protocol to download the calibration files. If your corporate network uses a proxy server, the File - Settings dialog also allows you to configure proxy connection details. 

Also, in general, your corporate network settings must allow access to the following URLs. Measurand recommends whitelisting the following: