When you first receive your Measurand ShapeArray, it is a good idea to check its performance with Measurand's SAARecorder software. In SAASuite 3.0 or higher, the SAARecorder application is launched by clicking the Manual Data Collection button.

Figure 1: Launch SAARecorder from SAASuite by clicking the Manual Data Collection button

The process for checking initial performance is discussed in more detail in the Checking SAA Performance Prior to Installation article in our Support web site. If you are unsure of your ShapeArray's performance or health, please contact Measurand Support for assistance. 

When you connect to a ShapeArray (SAAs) on the reel with SAARecorder in 3-D mode, it will look similar to the image shown below. The 3-D (Vertical) mode of SAARecorder can only model the shape of the ShapeArray accurately when all of the SAA segments are inclined more than 30° from horizontal. For a ShapeArray that is wrapped around its shipping reel, many of the segments are quite close to horizontal, so the heading azimuth of these segments has a significant amount of error. In general, this error will tend to result in a “spreading out” of the visualized turns, especially for longer ShapeArrays.

Figure 2: Graphical SAARecorder representation of a ShapeArray wrapped around its shipping reel. The modeling mode for the ShapeArray is set to 3-D (Vertical)