If SAARecorder is being used to automatically record raw data from one or more ShapeArrays (SAAs) (see the SAARecorder manual, 'File -> Auto-Save raw data Files' section) it may be desirable to have SAARecorder automatically begin running with the connected ShapeArrays whenever the PC happens to boot up (from power events, automatic updates, unexpected crashes, etc.).

You will need to create a Windows shortcut to launch SAARecorder using the "-s" command line parameter for each ShapeArray that is connected. For example, to launch SAARecorder with 3 connected ShapeArrays having the serial numbers 50002, 50647, and 51423, you would right-click on the SAARecorder.exe program file (typically found in the "C:\Measurand Inc\SAARecorder" folder and select the "Create Shortcut" option from the popup menu. This will create a shortcut to SAARecorder in the same folder as the SAARecorder.exe file. Then right-click on the created shortcut, and click the Properties item from the popup menu. For Target the following would be specified:

"C:\Measurand Inc\SAARecorder\SAARecorder.exe" –s 50002 –s 50647 –s 51423

Note the quotation marks that are required in the above target. Also note that a –s parameter is required for each connected ShapeArray.

To make SAARecorder startup when the PC boots, it is necessary to put the shortcut to SAARecorder in the startup folder of the PC. 

The first time running SAARecorder, it may be necessary to make sure that the "Operational Mode" window does not appear on program startup by checking the "Do not show this message again" checkbox. Each subsequent time that SAARecorder is run, it will use the same settings (for auto-recording and so on) that it had before.

The above steps for creating shortcuts and having programs execute automatically on startup may vary slightly depending on the version of Windows being used.