A common error in many logger installations will older Measurand logger programs is that the ‘SAA_Include’ file is set to run on power-up, instead of the actual ‘Main SAA Program’ file.

In LoggerNet (Uploading Program Files to the CR Logger Section):

  1. Click on ‘Connect’
  2. Click the ‘File Control’ button
  3. Determine which file is actually running and is set to run on power-up

Another common problem (for loggers accessible through a modem) is that the modem used for communications is powered on all of the time and might have crashed, causing the logger to be unresponsive to outside communication requests. The recommended practice is to cycle power to the modem once per day in order to allow it to be periodically reset.

SAACR_FileGenerator utility does not configure the generated program for use with a modem. You need to do this on your own using a text editor. If you require assistance with this, please contact Measurand.