The ShapeArray (SAA) logger programs generated by SAACR_FileGenerator utility are configured by default to collect 5 samples as quickly as possible, immediately after powering up. Thereafter, the program is configured to collect data at the regular defined sampling interval. So by cycling power to your logger you should be able to get those 5 samples in 5 minutes or less, assuming everything is hooked up properly and is functioning OK.

A PC running LoggerNet can be used with a direct cable connection to the logger to download the data and check that there are no communication errors (look at the SERIAL_ERRORS.dat files section in SAACR_raw2data manual) and that the data in the SAA_DATA.dat files is within normal limits.

Open the files using SAACR_DataChecker or try converting the data using SAACR_raw2data and viewing the resultant “multi_saa_allcart.mat” file in SAAView.