Please let us know what version of SAACR_raw2data you were using and send us all of the files from the project folder that you were trying to convert. The easiest method to send us these files is to archive the entire project folder in a single Zip file. Please include all files in the project folder including:

  • _SAA#_DATA.dat
  • Any .mat files (e.g. multi_saa_allcart.mat)
  • pref_project.txt
  • SAACR_Raw2Data_Processing.Log
  • setup_file.txt
  • Any sub-folders and their contents (e.g. DIY or Atlas sub-folders)

It is possible that there could be a problem with one or more of the raw data files, user-created site files, or even a bug in the software. We are normally able to figure out what might be wrong and fix it quickly if we can examine all of the files in the project folder.