Measurand's data conversion program, SAACR_Raw2Data can be executed from the command line to convert ShapeArray data without user intervention. This can only be done once the raw data has been converted manually in Reset mode using the graphical user interface (GUI). After this first conversion is complete, a settings file named pref_project.txt is created in the project folder with the data files from the data logger and the converted output from SAACR_raw2data.

Once that pref_project.txt file has been created, future conversions can be automated by calling SAACR_raw2data from the command line and providing the full path to the project's pref_project.txt in double-quotes as an argument and including the stealth keyword. This command line execution will process the new records in the data files from the data logger using the same settings that were configured during the initial Reset conversion with the GUI and will not prompt for any user interaction.

The command line call to SAACR_raw2data can be triggered to run in whatever manner you wish; however, most of our clients configure Task Master in LoggerNet to run it immediately after data is successfully collected from the data logger.