Measurand ShapeArrays are designed to be highly resistant to interference from electrical and magnetic fields. All current models of ShapeArrays are fully digital in each segment. Communication throughout the ShapeArray is digital and uses the RS485 protocol, which is highly resistant to interference from electrical fields. The ShapeArray is designed as a Faraday cage structure that shields it from interference from external fields and the electrical/communication cable attached to the ShapeArray is shielded.

In over 88,000 m of installed ShapeArray, including installations near high voltage/high current railway and metro installations, there has never been a reported case of ShapeArray being interfered with by external fields.

When installing ShapeArray, the local electrical codes and standards of the railway or other system must be followed, as there can be high voltage/current electromagnetic fields associated with electrical supply lines that can be dangerous to personnel near the ShapeArray or its electrical cables. The installer, operator, and any other personnel such as design personnel are responsible for respecting such codes and standards.