Prior to installing a ShapeArray™ instrument, it is desirable to check its performance to verify that no damage occurred during shipping. This is done by completing diagnostics checks using the SAARecorder application (only available in versions 7.70 and higher). The SAARecorder application is a free application accessible through the SAASuite software package. The SAASuite is free and available for download from the Measurand web site at the following address:

Connecting the ShapeArray™ Instrument to a PC

The most frequently used connection solutions for connecting a ShapeArray™ instrument to SAARecorder are described in the following articles:

  1. Connecting using the SAA232,
  2. Connecting using the SAA232-5,
  3. Connecting using the SAAFPU (SAA Field Power Unit)
  4. Connecting using the Portable Diagnostic Unit (PDU)
  5. Connecting using the SAAUSB adapter.

Please connect your computer to the ShapeArray™ instrument using one of the interfaces described in these articles.

Using SAARecorder to Perform a Complete Diagnostic Check

Once you have connected your ShapeArray™ instrument to the PC and started SAARecorder, please review the Once SAARecorder has Started section of the SAARecorder manual. This will walk you through the initial questions the application will ask you about your setup.

Once SAARecorder has connected to your ShapeArray™ instrument, open the Diagnostics menu and select the Diagnostic Tests option. From the Choose Diagnostic Test dialog, click on the Complete Diagnostic Check button. This will run all of the available diagnostic test and generate a report of the results. Please refer to the Performing a Complete Diagnostic Test on a ShapeArray™ Instrument article in the Measurand Support web site for detailed information on performing a complete diagnostic test. The Diagnostics section of the SAARecorder Manual has detailed information about each of the diagnostic tests.

Figure 1: The Diagnostic Test Results dialog will provide a summary of the Complete Diagnostic Check results

A text report of the Complete Diagnostic Check results can be saved by selecting the Save text report file checkbox and supplying a path and file name for the text file. This will generate three files: a detailed plain text report file, a Microsoft Word formatted file containing only a summary of the report results, and a Adobe PDF file with the same contents as the Microsoft Word file. If any of the tests report failure, it is a good idea to save all of these report files and send them Measurand Support.