When installing a ShapeArray, it is recommended that the ShapeArray azimuth offset be measured. This offset is then entered into the ShapeArray software during data processing. The ShapeArray data will then be displayed so that the X direction corresponds to the expected direction of movement or another desired heading. To set the azimuth offset, use the instructions given below.

Step 1. Measure the Azimuth Offset Using an SAA X-mark Protractor

Measure the azimuth offset using the SAA X mark protractor included with the ShapeArray. Instructions for measuring the azimuth offset are provided in the SAA X-mark Protractor guide. 

Step 2. Enter the Azimuth Offset in the Software

The azimuth offset can be used when converting either data collected from data loggers or manual data readings collected using SAARecorder. 

Option 1. Setting Azimuth When Converting Data Collected Using a Data Logger

When converting the data using SAACR_raw2data, follow the steps outlined in SAACR_raw2data How-To Guide.

In the Settings window, shown below, enter the azimuth offset into the box labeled Az, deg

Figure 1: SAACR_raw2data settings window

Option 2. Setting Azimuth in SAARecorder

The azimuth offset can be entered directly into SAARecorder using the Site Properties option found in the SAA setup menu item. Enter the azimuth offset into the box labeled Azimuth Angle


Figure 2: SAARecorder Site Properties window