SAARecorder's Connect SAA startup option can sometimes fail to automatically discover a connected ShapeArray. This can occur with older model 1 SAAFs that do not have an SAATop in their construction or newer ShapeArrays where the SAATop has been damaged. In some cases, a manual serial connection to the ShapeArray can be forced in SAARecorder that bypasses the autodiscovery process and allows the instrument to be read.

The following steps can only be taken after physically connecting the ShapeArray to the computer and completing the connection with SAARecorder as described in the following step-by-step guides:

To do this, start SAARecorder from SAASuite by selecting the Manual Data Collection button. When prompted, select the option to Just Start SAARecorder. In the ShapeAccelArra Startup dialog, click on the Use Serial SAAs button. Select your COM port and click the OK button (as shown in the screenshot below).

Figure 1. After selecting the Just Start SAARecorder startup option, click Use Serial SAAs and select your COM port

If your ShapeArray's serial number is shown in the SAA Numbers field, then click the OK button. Otherwise, please remove any serial numbers that aren't ShapeArray you are trying to connect to from this field (highlight them and click on the Remove button) and then manually add your ShapeArray's serial number in the Add SAA Number to Search List field and click on the Add button. Once your ShapeArray's serial number is the only one in the SAA Numbers field, click the OK button continue.

Figure 2. Ensure the only serial number listed is the ShapeArray you want to connect to and click the OK button

If communication with your ShapeArray is possible, SAARecorder should load up the appropriate calibration file and display the instrument's shape.